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This article from Faculty Focus came across my desk today.  Here’s what I want to mention.  There are two major challenges to making online courses accessible – Technical Challenges and Pedagogical Challenges.  The author of the article, Emily A. Moore, says that creating an online course is more analogous to publishing an e-textbo0k than it is to teaching a traditional face-to-face class. So, here’s are some technical strategies:

  • Present instructions, handouts, and other digital texts in one of the following two formats – HTML or Tagged PDF.
  • Present content in as flat a navigational structure as possible.
  • Avoid using frames.
  • Chunk videos (and name the chunks).
  • Provide closed captioning for all videos

Here are pedagogical strategies:

  • Cut extraneous material.
  • Write clearly and succinctly.
  • Provide accessible alternatives to inaccessible materials or activities.
  • Annotate links meaningfully.
  • Avoid pronouns.
  • Uniquely identify and annotate all figures and illustrations.
  • If you use repetition, use it both deliberately and economically.

For details read the article.


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