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On Saturday, October 27, 2012, I attended the second annual  TEDx AmoskeagMillyard in Manchester, NH.  The emcee was Virginia Prescott from NHPR’s Word of Mouth. It’s always wonderful to see how many local speakers present their ideas in these short 18 minute talks. As of today (11/2/12) the TEDx website does not include the videos of these talks.

Paul LeBlanc – President of SNHUEducational Innovation (College for America)

Travis York – President of Griffin York and Krause (marketing company) – Collaboration vs. Competition

Lara McCormick –  Chair, Graphic Design, NHIA  – Let’s Get Together to Make Good Citizen Designer project 

Ed Eloise & Claudia Rippee –  Republic restaurant owners- Innovation through reinvention and cultural sustainability

Vicki Connell, professor, & Matt Martin, student SNHU – Molecular Gastronomy demo

Served “cookies and milk” created on an anti grill

Paul Schuepp – President,  Animetrics (based in Conway, NH) – Will Identity Resolution Keep us All Safe?

Michele Goldsmith – Professor SNHU – Gorilla Ecotourism: A successful but cautious tale about co-innovation

Angela ChangTinkerer, Artist, Designer, MIT Media Lab – Tinkering with Stories to Teach Emergent Literacy;

founder of TinkerStories

Yasmin Myers and Stacie Lin – violinists – Musical performance

Thomas Obrey – co-founder PixelMediaProgress is measured by small steps …

Dana DakinWomen’s Trust, founder and president- The Power of the Over Ground Railroad

 Dakin connected to the Ghanian village of Pokuase, a semi-urban community on the outskirts of Accra, to pilot and test an entrepreneurial approach to women’s empowerment.

John Herman -teacher, artist, social media guru – Arts Co-Innovation through Social Media

a “renaissance media-maker of many talents.” The Ford Motor Company named him a “top 100 Web influencer.” – http://www.johnherman.org/

TEDx AmoskeagMillyard – 10/15/2011:



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I saw some more wonderful pictures from the Inside Out Project on a building on Chestnut Street in Manchester, NH, and decided to make an image map to display them. First, take a look at what this set of  9 faces looks like. Then click on this link to go to the image map. Once you get to the image map, you can see any picture individually by clicking on a face. Enjoy!

Here are some links to other Inside Out photos in Manchester, found on Panoramio. Many are no longer up, but the ones on Chestnut Street are still there.

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Mika Brzezinski at UNH town meeting Joe Scarborough at UNH town meeting

I was able to attend this town meeting held on Sunday night, January, 8, 2012, only days before the New Hampshire primary.The link below provides a video of the meeting,  including an interview with surprise guest, Governor Chris Christie of NJ.


There was lots of interesting interplay between the hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. NH is always fun at this time of year.

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I recently read a news clip about disabilities in NH.

More than 11 percent of New Hampshire’s population – about one person in nine — reports having a disability, according to a new report from the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability (IOD). “Facts & Figures: The 2011 Annual Report on Disability in New Hampshire” presents a comprehensive picture of issues related to disability in the Granite State. Institute on Disabilities at UNH July 21, 2011

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