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Chapter 8 of Learning-Centered Learning is about using a multi-sensory approach.

The cognitive theory of multimedia has come up with five principles:

  1. People learn better from words and pictures than from words alone.
  2. People learn better when words and pictures are presented simultaneously.
  3. Words should be presented aurally rather than visually.
  4. People learn better when extraneous material is excluded.
  5. People learn better from a coherent summary that highlights relevant words and pictures rather than a longer summary.

What does this mean for our teaching?

Make sure we optimize our students’ ability to learn in the classroom and online by adhering to these principles. This may mean using videos, games, authentic learning, and concept maps.

Steve Covello, our Rich Media Specialist at Granite State College, has created a set of videos entitled  Teaching Beyond Text – Rich Media in Instructional Strategies.  This explains how you can do more than just add a video to  your course.


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